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"It takes a community to orchestrate
change, and we are that."
- Christine Faulks

In 2006 the ToTo Foundation recognized a need for an off-leash dog park for the Waupaca community.  Through the determination and commitment of the Board of Directors, their advisors, and the community, fundraising for the dog park began in 2015.  The funds raised thus far for the dog park are from private donations and community fundraising events.

The 30-acre parcel was purchased on County Rd Q by a private party in the spring of 2016. The property was a scarred, broken cornfield treated with liquid manure.  Today, you would not recognize the same piece of property, as it is a healed and active off-leash dog park.  

Faulks Bros. Construction began clearing the land in the fall of 2016 and then over-seeded the entire property in order to allow it to heal and recover over the winter.

The spring of 2017, brought the exciting construction project into full swing with the beginning of the contouring and shaping of the property. A swimming pond for the dogs was excavated, a wetlands area created, and a 40,000 square-foot liner was then placed over both areas.  An observation mound was built so that the dog owners and hikers could enjoy a full panoramic view of the land.  A fresh-water well was drilled to provide a much needed drink after a happy day of running free in the park!  The Tails & Trails off-leash dog park opened August 26, 2017.

The ToTo Foundation has taken this land back and created a living space for people and their four-legged friends.  You may see an off-leash dog park as you are passing by.  We see that too.  But we also see a 30-acre piece of land in the Chain O’ Lakes area that has been given back to nature.  A place for healing, wellness, hiking and for dogs to run free.

Through hard work and diligent stewardship we return this land to Mother-Nature.


Today we dedicate this park to all the people and dogs that may have the opportunity to visit Tails & Trails.  It takes a community to orchestrate change, and we are that.




It took a community to make Tails & Trails happen

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9/2017 - Waupaca Dog Park

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