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Promoting Wellness Through People and Pets

About Us

Animal rescue to veterinary scholarships...The Humane Society to Hospice Care. Through a broad range of organizations and initiatives the ToTo Foundation works to identify, support and create opportunities that realize the healing power of bringing people and animals together.


"Toto" is a Latin word meaning altogether and complete – aptly describing the union of many committed volunteers that help to fulfill our mission.


Thanks to our generous donors, the ToTo Foundation has been able to support the following initiatives:

  • Donated scholarship funds for two Waupaca High School Students pursuing careers in animal care

  • Funded the Waupaca HELP Animal Shelter

  • Donated monies to ThedaCare Hospice Pet Therapy Program

  • Conducted the Capital Building Campaign for the Waupaca County Humane Society which resulted in a mortgage free adoption facility, along with support of many other key initiatives

  • Supported a special initiative to return an Iraq War Dog (Honey) back to the USA to reunite with its’ owner, a military Green Beret, from our area

  • Raised over a quarter of a million dollars to support animal welfare causes in Waupaca County

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