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Because of our generous donors, the ToTo Foundation has been able to support the following initiatives:

Tails & Trails

Off-Leash Dog Park

Our community recognized need for an off-leash Dog Exercise Area. Though the Waupaca County area provides many recreational options for people and children, there was a significant gap in safe opportunities for pets and their human companions to socialize, exercise, learn and grow together.


ToTo led the Capital Building Campaign to raise funds for the construction of a  new adoption center located on Commercial Drive in Waupaca.

The new state of the art building was built debt free thanks to these effort’s.

Ensuing donations included:

Construction of an outdoor concrete dog run

Fencing for the dog run

Grants for many types of medical and surgical equipment

Lost Companion


ToTo donated funds to finance capital improvements in their current building

Lost Companion rescues feral cats, neuters them, and return the cats to the wild

Waupaca High School Scholarships

ToTo has sponsored numerous scholarships through the Waupaca High School Scholarship Foundation. These scholarships were awarded to college bound student’s with an interest in animal welfare studies.

IRAQ War Dog

Supported a special initiative to return an Iraq War Dog (Honey) back to the USA to reunite with its’ owner, a military Green Beret, from our area.

Equine Surgery

ToTo participated in the funding for a horse in Wautoma to be transported to the UW-Madison for surgery to prevent blindness

K9 Body Armor

To the Toto Foundation:


"I do not know how to properly thank you for providing the lion share cost of the law enforcement body armor for my new Waupaca Sheriff K9 dog Ciro...

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